Company presentation

Our company activates itself from 1970, in the space of manufacture and repair of lifts with continuous presence in the Greek space and particularly in Northern Greece.

From 1990 it dealt with the hydraulic lifts and it has accomplished it extracts a big share of market in V. Greece.

Above from 1500 lifts of our company they function in all Northern Greece.

Our continuous collaboration with valorisen companies of abroad for the supply of elements (valves, pumps, engines and pistons) and our multiannual experience, us it gives the possibility to you of offering products and services high.We are ready to give solutions in each specialised problem.

Our company allocates complete deposit of all parts and she has in your disposal technical information that you will help you overcome each constructional difficulty.

Our company has installed and applied System of Guarantee of Quality EN ISO 9001:2008 her and products is manufactured according to directive 98/37/EC.

Our company is accomodated in privately-owned building 1000t.m in Kavalari of Thessaloniki.